Sellers Tips

We want you to to be a successful as possible on the day and make lots of money! So below are some helpful tips we've picked up along the way to help you make the most out of the day.

Don't bring too much!

Please do not bring too much with you.
Buyers will find it off putting if you have mountains of items that  they need to rummage through. Too many items on the floor can also make your stall less accessible, if customers cannot get to the items on your table; they can’t buy them.
Stalls that do best are those who are well presented, clean and accessible. Customers need to see what items you have from a glance, attractive stalls with clearly priced items will draw them in, make sure you have a variety of items clearly displayed and don’t forget you do not need to get everything out all at once, once you start selling you can always bring out more.
If you can, mark out the size of your pitch at home. Grab all the items you are wishing to sell and have a practice at how you want to set out your stall, this will ensure you have space for everything you would like to sell on the day and give you a chance to see how best to display your items to attract the most buyers.
Also, if you have items that you feel are too large or complicated to get out and display at the event, why not set it up at home and take a photo or two, that way you can attach the photos to the item on the day so your sellers can see what they are buying.

Price sensibly

Do not over price your items, price low and sell more!  You need to be realistic with your prices. Please remember that our events are primarily aimed at pre-loved (quality second-hand) goods, so the majority of people that come through the doors are there to look for a great deal/bargain. We know it can be hard to detach yourself from that item you loved, but pricing low will result in you selling more on the day. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you won’t make enough money. The most profitable stalls are those who sell larger volumes that are priced right! It works in favour of the sellers and the buyers, as you make money by selling more, and the sellers get more bargains, resulting in you not having to take much, if anything, home!
Clothes are best grouped in size/age range and put on clothes rails or in boxes that are clearly marked. Some sellers like to use clear plastic bags for multiply items; cars, toys with several pieces and clothing sets.

Be selective about what you bring

Please ensure you only bring items that are: clean, in full working order and where possible, come with instructions/user guides. Good branded items, seasonal items and a variety of goods will work best. If you have toys/items that require batteries it's always best to make sure batteries are supplied, enabling you to show the item is in full working order.

Presentation is key

It maybe a little time consuming but it is worth ensuring your clothes are washed and ironed, toys are wiped down. Shoes/highchairs should be clean, with all parts and accessories included. Doing these simple things does make a difference to how much a buyer is willing to pay for an item. The presentation of your stall can also make a difference as to whether a buyer will come over for a closer look or walk on by to a more eye-catching stall. A tablecloth can also make a big difference. A plain, undressed table isn’t very attractive! If you're feeling bold, why not pick a bright colour and stand out from the crowd! This, along with not overloading your stall, clearly pricing your items and ensuring your stall is accessible, is the recipe to ensuring you give yourself the best chance at selling as much as possible.

Spread the word!

Once you have booked your stall, spread the word amongst all your friends and family, direct them to our social media sites, Facebook and Instagram and of course, this website! Encourage them to share it with their friends and families. The more people who know about our events, the greater the foot flow we will get through the doors, increasing your chance of sales! We also have plenty of flyers that you can distribute. These work really well at baby/toddler groups, schools, baby friendly cafés and soft plays. If you would like some flyers, please contact me and I can have some sent out to you. Also, feel free to share any photos and event information on your own social media accounts! Frequent posts will help generate greater awareness about our events and attract even more buyers.

Clothes rails and displaying clothes

Try to put your clothing items on hangers before arriving to save some time. On the day, organise them by size, gender and type (Growbags, maternity wear, coats…) This makes it much clearer for your buyers to find what they are looking for and avoids them having to rummage through piles of clothes which some buyers do not like. We do have a number of clothing rails for hire, so if you do not have one of your own, you can hire one of ours for a small hire fee of £5. If this is something you would like to do, please choose this option when making your booking. Please note, we do not supply hangers.

Another popular way to present your clothing items such as baby grows, bibs, tops, is to place them in boxes with a label on the front, for example: “all items 50p” or “Any 3 items for £1” still separating them by size. Alternatively, you could place similar items in small clear plastic bags with the price and short description on the outside e.g x 2 L/S tops 6-9m £1 (2 Long Sleeve tops 6-9 months)

Clearly price all your items

Use tags or labels to clearly price your items, don’t be scared to reduce the price of items during the sale if you think this will help get a sale (don’t forget a pen) Buyers prefer it when they can clearly see the price of an item. Sellers often bundle items together in clear plastic bags and/or boxes such a small toys or clothing items and label them as all items inside 50p for example.

Use us to help you advertise before the day

Why not drum up some business before the big day? Send us some photos of items you will be taking on the day and we can post these on our social media pages to get people talking! Big items and special offers can work great in the way!

Floats and carrier bags

Sales are cash only, so please ensure that you have plenty of change for your buyers on the day and bags always come in handy, too!


Even though you have pre-priced all your items, be open to bartering and negotiating. Another great way to ensure you sell more items is to offer a small discount if a buyer is looking at several items. For example, if the total cost is £12 and they seem a little hesitant, why not say something like, “as your looking at taking a few items, I’m happy to do you a special offer of £10”


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