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How to sell your buggy/pushchair

Give it a good clean with warm, soapy water on the frame. Sponge the fabrics, wash them in the machine or by hand, if they are removable.  

Check for worn or damaged parts - You will sell your pram for more if you pump up the tyres and replace that ripped shopping basket. Many spare parts are pretty cheap to buy and can be bought direct from the manufacturer.  

Include the instructions.  The advantage of selling your pram at a green Monkey Bump2Baby Event is that you can give a live demo to the buyer. If you haven’t used it for a while, have a little practice of opening and closing it before the big day. Even with a demo, the buyer will still want the instructions.  If you can't find the original version, download a replacement from the manufacturer’s website.

How much do you charge?  30-50% of the new price is probably a reasonable expectation if the used pushchair is in really good condition.  Don't forget that at a Green Monkey Bump2Baby event you get to keep 100% of all sales.

Take a quick photo and send it over to us with your required price and we can advertise it for you ahead of the day to help drum up some sales and ensure buyers bring enough cash!


Bring the pram to the Bump2baby Market with a sign stating the make and model, price, attractive features and what accessories are included.  Make your sign big, bold and eye catching.  Don't forget you will be busy serving your other customers too!

Selling a second-hand pram: Safety considerations and the law :

All prams and pushchairs, new and used, are required by law to comply with must comply with British Standard 7409:1996 or BS EN 1888:2003 (the equivalent European Standard) A label indicating compliance should be located on the frame or seating cover of the used pram or pushchair.  If you bought your pram or pushchair new in the UK in the last few years it almost certainly complies.

There are certain checks, you can make on a used pushchair to ensure it is safe:

  • Check the safety harness is in good condition with no frayed edges.

  • Check the parking brake works

  • Check there are no sharp edges

  • Test the stability of the pushchair.

  • Ensure that the second-hand pram or pushchair is generally in good condition


All upholstered new or used prams and pushchairs must comply with the stringent flammability requirements. New prams and pushchairs also have to carry permanent labels and display labels giving information about how they comply with the Regulations. If a used pushchair does not have a permanent label with the words 'CARELESSNESS CAUSES FIRE', it should be assumed that they do not comply and therefore should not be sold.


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